This is an overview of collaborations and publications.
I made the key visual for MNT's Pocket Reform.
a mini laptop that looks magical, with geometric shapes coming out of the screen. tattooed hands are typing. there's a crescent moon ring with the mnt logo on the right hand.
Publication in 'Transcodiert'
My illustrations were published in Transcodiert Magazine in November 2021 - I am so honored to be part of this amazing project! You can buy the magazine here.

Commission for Weglaufhaus
I collaborated with the anti-psychiatric organisation Weglaufhaus to create a logo that represents their philosophy to provide a safe space for homeless people in the rural outskirts of Berlin. The logo will be featured on their website in 2022.
a house with a smiling face, running towards a tree

Commission for 'The Outspoken Project'
The Project collects quotes about the coming-out experiences of LGBTQIA+ people and publishes them on Instagram. I was asked to deliver a quote and an illustration for the 'LGBT History Month' that takes place in October around the US. This is my illustration, published in October 2020.
a hand with a cigarette (smoke emerges with a text: 'Why do you have to come out at your grandma's funeral?')
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