cover pic of pieces I showing a puzzle piece with an alien character and a pizza behind them. there's a slogan on the piece ("super nomz") and it's all very brightly colored. the art is in comic style.
In 2020, i teamed up with nursey to found owly crow. we are a super small indie game studio based in berlin. we make queer narrative games set in an alternate universe called maskros nebula. our first game, 'pieces I: a maskros nebula game', is a casual game and consists of 3 puzzles (like, actual puzzles), featuring some iconic characters you will also meet in later games (that are currently in development). 'pieces I' is out now on itch and steam.

at owly crow, i am doing multiple things: ui design, 2d art, writing, world-building, sound effects, soundtrack. here is our trailer:
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